DAMOON | DaMoon Package with Korean Silk
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DaMoon Package with Korean Silk

All our DaMoon products will deliver in a eco-friendly shock absorbing (quilted) pouch to reuse packages. 

When you don’t use our products for a long time, the pouch is very convenient to keep them in a good condition.

It can be good for other purposes as well.

Would you like to give our products to your loved ones as a gift?

Then, please try our special gift packaging services.

We came out with this wonderful Korean traditional way of packaging our products with a piece of beautiful cloth called Bojagi to not only pleasantly present our products but also to deliver your sincere message along with it.


How can you reuse the beautiful cloth, Bojagi?

-You can use it as a table-runner, and your table will look different!

-You can also wrap your lunch box.

-Lastly, you can make an eco-friendly bag which you can use it for quick grocery shopping.

Free Packaging Event with Korean Silk

1.December – 31.December

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