DAMOON | Designboom introduces DaMoon tableware.
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Designboom introduces DaMoon tableware.

19 Oct Designboom introduces DaMoon tableware.

Design magazine Designboom introduces DaMoon tableware. Please share it!

[chaehoon moon creates tableware made with secret korean heritage technique]


korean designer chaehoon moon has created a tableware collection called ‘damoon‘ with a know-how that is unique in the entire world, deriving from the secrets of ancient korean traditions. ‘damoon’ tableware references and resembles both the full moon and new moon. each collection comprises one large-sized bowl that can be used for various purposes and two plates of different sizes. the pieces are made from resilient, and long-lasting natural materials such as yuhgee, a korean brassware, and ott-chil, a korean lacquer.


yuhgee is an alloy of copper and tin that has heat and cold preserving properties. it has been used for generations in korean royal and noble families because of its subtle and elegant gloss. in korean tradition is called ‘bowl of life’ because it changes its color into black when in contact with food containing toxic ingredients, warning the person using it.

ott-chil is a type of korean lacquer work that is done by adding the secretions of the ott-tree, released as a protective response to wounds. collecting this from the ott-tree is an intricate and difficult process that can be done only by experts. the lacquer has excellent resilience against wearing off, and the colour is very elegant. this is why it has long been treated as the very best material for tableware in korea, japan, and china.

150724-damoon-p1a top view of the collection shows attention to detail and elegant finishes

the ‘damoon’ collection tableware, thanks to its design and material selection offers not only a timeless and elegant aesthetic but also a piece that promises to be durable.

the full moon collection has the gold material in the bottom while the new moon has it on top

the tableware has the curvature of the rich full moon

full-moon_bowl_collectionimage of full moon bowl: gold in the bottom

new-moon_bowl_collectionimage of new moon bowl: gold on top

who we are
designer chaehoon moon while working on the collection


via Designboom

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