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Korean product design brand damoon
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Make your life warm. We believe that your life can be more warm-hearted. So, we have made the most sustainable and beautiful, healthy product based on our cultural heritage.

Our materials, the Yuhgee(Korean brassware) and Ott-chil(Korean lacquer) have long been used as the material for dinnerware in Korea. Both materials have marvelous sterilizing power so that the bowl can maintain the freshness of the food for long. Also, because of the materials have the strong point of keeping heat and cold, it can maintain the flavor of the food by preserving the temperature right after cooking.

Our product contains food so that it is fresher, warmer, and safer than in any other dish. Most of all, It is unbreakable and beautiful for generations.

Eat well with DaMoon, enjoy your lovely meal with your family. DaMoon will keep your dish fresh and warm as long as you want.

Founder / Designer

Chaehoon Moon creates products with mixture of new materials, and she develops unique ways of using the materials.  Through this process, she gained her own ways of developing products and knowledge.  As a result, she decided to make unique products with good materials and has just recently launched this brand.

Chaehoon Moon, is inspired by Korean heritage, chooses materials that can be reborn in the hands of masters.  Our products are elegantly made which only you can feel and see from handcrafted products. Each product is made by hands, and it is a piece of artwork.  This makes vastly different compare to the ones mass manufactured.

Meet the designer www.chaehoonmoon.com